Costume Party 2016

October 26, 2016

Deadly Diamonds

A Murder Mystery Event

Deadly Diamonds - Murder Mystery

Five years ago we put on an amauter murder mystery at our costume party and though it wasn't a professional production and didn't go quite as planned, it was so well received and so much fun to do! After the party, we were approached by several guests who were wanting to know when we would have another murder mystery. We told them, they would have to wait till our 10th Anniversary.


Well! We didn't disappoint! Once the ladies entered the room, they were greeted by some very mysterious strangers, who began talking to the in a strange old style accent about things they knew nothing about. Soon, they realized they weren't in a hotel, but in a 1920's speakeasy!!!


I welcomed everyone and gave some opening remarks, then it was time for a fabulous buffet lunch! But the ladies knew to beware, something was afoot! During the lunch, a slideshow was played that showed pictures from the last 10 years of our Costume Parties! I believe many people saw themselves and had forgotten a great many things they did! hehe. We had a specialty cake designed by Boonzaaijer's Dutch Bakery especially for our 10th Anniversary!


After dessert, these strange people return to the room and continued to mingle with the ladies. Soon one of them became violently ill and ran out of the room. We were then informed that he had been MURDERED! The ladies were then broken into teams and had to go around and speak to each of the people individually. Then the group had to try and figure out who the murderer was! It was such a blast and the ladies really got into it! They really looked like detectives trying to figure out "Who Done It"! I really don't think they wanted to stop! The group who performed for us were from The Red Herring Production Group. They were absolutely amazing and if we can we would love to invite them back again one day!


We also continued our tradition of our Costume Contest! Costumes are judged on Prettiest, Scariest, Most Original and for this one we added Best Themed! The Costume Contest is one event that everyone looks forward to each year and prepares their costume around! Prizes were given away for best in each category!

During our event, we had a lot of giveaways and because it was our 10th Anniversary, we were able to obtain donations from the companies listed below. Due to their generous offers, we were able to give every lady one prize this year!!

Of course we had a lot of fun, and so much laughter!

I can't thank everyone enough for attending this great event and all those involved in making it what it was!!!


Radisson Hotel Colorado Springs

Red Herring Productions Inc

Baskin Robbins

Paint & Fire Pottery

The Egg & I

The Indoor

Cindy Cervetti Custom Gifts

Sew Special

Buffalo Gals Catering

Ladies with Kaleidoscope Swans


We Celebrated

10 Years!