2020 Brings Changes to Colorado Springs Ladies Events (CSLE)


In January 2020 the Colorado Springs Ladies Events broke away from the ladies group that had been organizing their parties since 2006. They are now a sole entity and have a Board with a Director, Treasurer, Coordinators, and Committee Members. Their Coordinators consist of: Charity, Fundraising, Special Events, Marketing, and Sponsorship.


With this reorganization, we hope to become a non-profit group within the year. We will continue to have a costume party for ladies only every October, as this is what we are known for and what we truly love doing, however, we would like to establish ourselves as a strong supporter of local charities.





Obtain for our events; with prizes, cash donations; and sponsoring event items or tables. We will also require sponsorship for our beginning marketing materials.




Get our name out there and begin adding to our current regular attendee list. Attend senior center events, balloon festival, craft fairs, and Military welcome events.


Special Events/Charity:


We hope to have a couple events a year, besides our Costume Party, to raise money for our yearly charity. Some ideas have been; silent auction, bake sale, and garden sale.

How can you help?

  • Attend our Costume Party

  • Volunteer

  • Donate

  • Like our Facebook page

  • Follow our Website

  • Pass on the word

  • Become a Sponsor

  • Attend a special event