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Who We Are

Charitable Giving

What originally began in 2006 as a ladies Red Hat group donating to local charities during their annual social events, finally became Colorado Springs Ladies Events non-profit charitable organization in 2022! We are a 501(c)(3) recognized by the IRS as a 509(a)(2) Public Charity.


Did you know there 4,019 nonprofits

in the greater Colorado Springs metro area?

Out of those, less than 500 receive $1,000 in revenue, while almost 445 receive millions.


We saw the need to do more for our community and prove that we were serious in our convictions. There are so many smaller nonprofits in the Colorado Springs area who don't receive the funding they need or the recognition they require to succeed and this is where we would like to come in. 

To start, we will be partnering with one small non-profit each year, we can focus solely on their mission, their needs and help the community become more knowledgeable about each one. In turn, advocating for them and teaching others about what they do. As we grow, we our focus and goals can grow.

Want to help? Contact us to see what you can do to make a difference in the community you live in. Every little bit of help is needed and appreciated. Please see How Can You Help above.

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