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About Us

Who are the Colorado Springs Ladies Events? What are they? What do they do? All your questions answered...


Join our first Annual Craft and Vendor Show in 2021! Check out the Vendor page for more information.

Costume Party Memories

Check out our past Costume Party events! These are not to be missed! Book with us for our next event!

Future of CSLE

2020 sees changes for CSLE!

Find out here all the information and upcoming news

Charity Work

Check out the deserving charities we have helped in the past and the one we plan to work with this year!

Spring Event Memories

Though we no longer organize Spring Events, this is a great place to see the wonderful events we have put on!

15th Costume Party!

Find all there is to know about this years Costume Party!

Event Venue

See for yourself, the wonderful venue we use every year! Check them out daily for food and drink too!

Contact Us

Still don't have the answers you're looking for, then contact us!